Founded in 1998, YIRMUMAH! began as a hand-made minicomic lampooning the comic book industry, which grew a cult following around the Pittsburgh comic scene. Often laced with semi-autobiographical satire and also includes mockery of pop-culture, politics and the world at large through a twisted and often tasteless lens.

Yirmumah has taken on many forms over the past decade, from distributed print comic book, to various webcomic incarnations that have run on such dignified and classy sites such as and

We’ve received several death, legal and bodily harm threats over the years, but we’ve also gathered up some really good friends and allies.

Mission Statement

  • To make you laugh out loud, spit liquid or possibly piss and or shart your pants at the same time.
  • Occasionally we’d like you to cringe. Cringing is good.
  • Delivering to you something more to look at and waste time while you should be working or studying or spending valuable time with your loved ones.