So here’s the deal… Japan is in some SERIOUS trouble and they need our help. But what can a webcartoonist do besides donate a little cash? Well we have audiences that we can share information with! This is the idea behind – I started it this week after an old YIRMUMAH fan messaged me from Japan saying things were BAD. They’re all trying to get back to work there, but everyone is frustrated that they feel like they can’t do enough. He gave me the following links to share knowing that they would be the best immediate way to help survivors on the ground.

I’m always VERY skeptical with “relief” benefits and tributes because I’ve known in the past that the $ never usually gets to where your heart wants it to go. So, plain and simple here, we’re not selling anything, but those are the two BEST ways to help survivors right now! Just imagine if everyone of our readers gave $10 to SECOND HARVEST to help feed people there? Let’s do this thing!!!

To my fellow webcomic creators, just imagine if all of your audiences gave a little…. we’ll build a wave of relief. Period. The best thing is, this doesn’t take much of your time to help out or mention these links. You’re going to draw a comic anyway, so why not spread the word about these agencies (especially Second Harvest)

HEY! If you’re attending C2E2 (Chicago Comic Show) this weekend, the WEBCOMICS ALLIANCE folks are doing awesome sketchcards for people who make a mobile donation to the red cross at the table! Details here. (what a fantastic idea!)