So yeah, a week from today, I’ll be 40. Other people seem to be making a bigger deal of it than I actually care about. I don’t feel any older or younger. I definitely feel wiser. Sometimes I feel so wise now that I simply just give zero fucks. Just an example… I’ll hear someone complaining about a problem or a predicament they are in and I totally know the best route for them to take or some nugget of wisdom I learned from experience to tell them. In my 30′s I totally would jump in there and share to try to help, but I also learned that rarely do people listen to good advice or other people’s wisdom. You just have to kinda let people do what they’re going to do.

Anyways, yeah, I’ll be 40. It simply means I’ve survived on this planet for four decades. I guess maybe I’ll start taking better care of myself as I keep hearing “IT’S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE!” …. We’ll see about that. :)