Here’s a look at two webcomics on my radar right now…

I have to be honest, I haven’t followed many comics or webcomics the past few years, for various reasons. In my quest to discover NEW FRESH THINGS (at least to me) I found two webcomics that I think are really awesome and posses my taste in humor. If you like my work, you’ll likely dig these too:

#1 The Oatmeal- All of the internet hipsters have likely heard of this already, but it’s new to me. The guy who runs this is smart, mixing crazy SEO skills and simplistic cartooning that really gets the point across. Since the art is so simple, he can expand his comics a bit into nice scroll down format which is great for “reveals”. Oatmeal is designed specifically for the attention deficit internet culture we live in today… it’s quick, it’s funny, it’s rough and people can and will share it easily. The comics need no explanations, it’s just a gag.

#2 Let’s Be Friends Again - I discovered this after seeing a news blurb about “webcomic creators go full time with hip hop artist”. I’m not sure how they’ll pull off the “full time” thing but I wish them luck. Also the idea of teaming with a hip hop dude like Adam Warrock and have songs out regularly is a great idea….. anyways, check out their comics. They’ve got chops.